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Leaks In The Line: The Do’s And Don’ts

You might wake up one day to a puddle on the floor caused by a leak from a wall. Alternatively, you may notice black smudges or bubbling of the inner paint, similar to an orange peel skin. You might hear a leaking sound or a hiss as you move closer. These are all indicators of a water leak that has occurred unexpectedly in your home.

Water leaks, gas leaks, and other types of leaks in the home are significant problems that can cost many money and effort to repair. Water in the ground, roofing, or plumbing is the most typical cause of water leaks. Some water leaks can be fixed without the help of a professional, but there are some water leak problems that, if attempted on your own, could result in further damage.

If you can’t find a gas leak or a water leak on your own, engage My Arvada Plumber leak detection experts.

When there are leaks in your water or gas lines, here are some do’s and don’ts:

Do’s Incase Of Leaks In The Line

  1. Turn Off The Water Or Gas Supply

Most people find it difficult to think clearly and act decisively during emergencies. The best time to learn how to switch off the water or gas supplies at your home in the event of a leak is not while a stream of water is flowing through it or there is a gas line leak.

Make sure you and anyone else who lives in your house know how to cut off the gas and water. If there is a water leak, you will be able to stop the flow in seconds. If you smell gas, switch off the gas before calling for help from a professional plumber. Run a cold faucet to drain the system into the kitchen sink or bathroom sink, saving some water for drinking.

  1. Open Windows In the Affected Area And Run An Air Blower

If a water pipe leaks in your home, use an air blower to help speed up moisture evaporation and prevent further water damage. Ensure no electronic equipment or appliances are placed in the wet area and that nothing is connected.

Please make sure you adhere to this for your safety and health, as it creates a ground connection between you, the gadget, and the moisturized floor, preventing you from being electrocuted.

  1. Turn off Powered Water Heaters Systems

You can turn off the water and power to your water heating system if it causes a leak. Locate and close the water supply shutoff valve for your heating system. Turn on a hot tap to drain the system.

To turn off the power to your electric heating system, locate and turn off the appropriate switch in your circuit breaker box if there is a risk of flooding in the area immediately. You can turn off your heating system if it’s fuelled by natural gas.

For your safety, contact our professional contractor at My Arvada Plumber if you don’t know how to turn off the powered water heater.

  1. Drain And Dry

You’ll need to drain any surplus water from the area where the leak had occurred. Remove any nuts or connectors and the pipe itself, and dry them. Always remember to switch off the water before doing any repairs! After the lines and other components have dried, empty the pipes. A buildup in the pipe frequently causes the water to back up and seep out.

Dont’s Incase Of A Leak In The Line

  1. Do Not Open Up The Wall Yourself

Please do not open up the walls yourself since you have no idea how long the leak has been going on or whether it has caused mold, which could be dangerous to breathe. If you attempt to open the wall without preparation, you risk releasing the spores throughout the rest of the house, worsening the problem. An expert can identify the risk and use the correct tools to mitigate the wall.

  1. Do Not Smoke If You Suspect A Gas Leak

Do not ignite your cigarette if there is a possibility of a gas leak. It will cause an explosion if you light a lighter or use cigarettes. Hire a professional plumber to come and detect and repair any leaks.

  1. Do Not Turn The Water Back On

Do not turn on the water again until the piping issue is resolved. Restarting the water supply will restore the pressure in the pipe, which will likely worsen the leak. For your safety and health, hire an expert to fix the leaks. If you’re in the United States of America and need help with water leaks, My Arvada Plumber is the place to go.

  1. Do Not Flick Light Switches in Incase Of Gas Leaks

If there is a gas leak, do not turn on the lights because this could create an explosion. When a gas leak is probable, you should be cautious of such things. It would be best to get a plumber to come out and determine whether or not there is a gas leak and how to address it.


Damage from water or gas is something that no one wants to happen. When water leaks in your home, it usually flows along the surfaces, penetrating carpets or wood flooring. This flooded environment creates the ideal habitat for mold to thrive, posing health problems such as asthma, allergies, and poor lung function.

Water and gas leaks situations are unfortunate occurrences that you should address as soon as possible by contacting a gas and water damage professional firm that can help dry out the water, stop gas leaks, and remove water-damaged items from flooded areas using appropriate equipment. Furthermore, hiring someone familiar with gas and water damage will guarantee that insurance claims are completed quickly so you can get back to work.

If you are in the United States of America and have a water or gas leak emergency, contact My Arvada Plumber.

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