Plumbing problems are unavoidable. Most of the time, one requires routine plumbing repair services or emergency plumbing services. In a situation where water is gushing from a busted pipe all over your bathroom floor, you need an emergency plumber urgently.

Speed is critical here; otherwise, one might end up with serious water damage and hefty costs due to water wastage. During this time, you may not have time to assess if the plumber is residential or commercial. At that point, a plumber is a plumber, and they can complete the fix, although this is correct. There are a few fundamental distinctions that distinguish the two plumbing services.

Who Is a Residential Plumber?

A residential plumber exclusively deals in residential plumbing repairs. They provide residential plumbing services such as installing, fixing, fitting, and maintaining pipes in a residential drainage system. They also provide drain cleaning, installation, and repair for water heaters, broken pipes, and drains.

Who Is a Commercial Plumber?

Commercial plumbers are skilled plumbers that install new fixtures and plumbing systems in commercial buildings such as retail stores, schools, hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

What Is the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Plumbing?

While both are plumbing services that can be utilized for your plumbing needs, there is a significant difference between commercial and domestic plumbing. A commercial plumber’s duties differ from those of a home plumber. However, this does not mean they cannot work on your home’s plumbing. They do. However, commercial plumbers handle more complex jobs that residential plumbers do not have much experience with. Other differences include:

Working Hours

Except in emergencies, most home plumbing repairs occur from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Commercial plumbing is done when convenient, at specific daytime hours, on weekends, or on holidays. This is because commercial buildings are extremely busy, and these plumbers want to cause the least amount of interruption and inconvenience.

Equipment Used

Common tools owned and operated by residential plumbers include plungers, sink snakes, faucet washers, and heat tapes. Commercial plumbers, on the other hand, use specialized tools such as tile saws, industrial vacuums, drills, plastic, steel, and copper pipe cutters, and generators.

Task Range

A commercial plumber is scheduled and handles recurrent plumbing issues such as the installation and maintenance of large boilers, sewage lines, water heater maintenance, and plumbing repairs on industrial machinery.

A household plumber will fix a plumbing problem such as water heater servicing, a leaking toilet, a leaking sink, or a dripping faucet.

Hygiene Issues

Commercial buildings have many people walking in and out. Some structures, such as restaurants and hospitals, are particularly sensitive. Nobody wants to walk into a restaurant bathroom and find a clogged toilet. As a result, commercial plumbing employs a variety of plumbing fittings that are easy to clean and drain rapidly.

The Size of the Plumbing System

Most houses only have one kitchen, two or three bathrooms, and about two or three sinks. This means their residential drainage systems are smaller and low-grade since they do not have many users.

A pipe burst at a commercial building can be catastrophic. Not only will it be a huge inconvenience and a potential health threat, but it will also cause structural damage that could result in weeks of closure, which is bad for business. As a result, commercial buildings have more pipes that are large high-grade fixtures to reduce strain and pressure.

Usage of the Plumbing System

A residential plumbing system only has a few users, mostly the homeowner’s family. A commercial plumbing system, on the other hand, has many users and is used more frequently. This means that the plumbing system in that building must be designed to accommodate a large number of people.

The Complexity of the Plumbing System

Their drainage systems are simple. Most residential properties have only two to three floors and a few bathrooms. On the other hand, commercial buildings have multiple floors, which means they have numerous sinks, toilets, and urinals. The drainage system in commercial buildings has many piping outlets. This introduces a new issue that prolongs plumbing repairs, such as leak detection.

Potential of Damage

The drainage system at commercial buildings is complex. It snakes through the walls and ceilings. Since it is so complex, it is more prone to damage. In a commercial facility, one toilet can be flushed around 80 times or more daily. This means it can easily be damaged due to this frequent use.

What Are the Causes of Water Leaks?

Water leaks are easy to detect for homeowners. This is because there are fewer toilets and dripping faucets are more noticeable. They will also be aware of this due to the progressive drop in water pressure, indicating a water leak somewhere. Water leaks in multi-story commercial buildings easily go unnoticed, resulting in water wastage and high water bills.

Job Quantity

Although certain domestic plumbing issues might be challenging, they are often quickly fixed. Furthermore, in most residences, the plumbing consists of a single system and, in some circumstances, a single floor. For most commercial structures, the situation is different. They are multi-level and have various drainage and water systems, which increases the task quantity. In the event of a water leak, one must slither through the complex pipe system to find it.


In a house that has two toilets, and one of them gets clogged, you could use the other one before the plumber arrives. On the other hand, if a toilet in an office building becomes clogged, that is a major problem. Plumbing repairs must take place as soon as possible.

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