Tips to Maintain a Clean and Organized Bathroom

A person typically spends about 182 hours in a year in the bathroom, with many exceeding this time. That makes the bathroom one of the most important and frequently used areas in your home. Unfortunately, leaving your bathrooms unattended can become a health hazard as hair will start clogging the plugholes, and limescale can build up on showerheads.

Keeping your bathrooms clean and organized daily can feel tedious, tiresome, and overwhelming. Here are seven maintenance tips that our professionals recommend to maintain the toilet, bathroom plumbing, lighting, sink, tub, and faucets in tip-top condition.

Preventive Bathroom Maintenance

Preventive bathroom maintenance should be a priority to have a healthy home for your and your family. It also helps control the expensive bathroom renovation cost and nasty cleanup when installing new plumbing fixtures. Here are three expert bathroom maintenance tips to avoid renovating the entire bathroom and other health complications.

  1. Regularly Clean Your Bathroom

Bathroom floors, sink, tub, toilet, and faucets harbor more germs than other surfaces around your home. They can become covered with body hair, toothpaste, soap, and more, so it’s always important to clean and disinfect them with antibacterial bathroom cleaners.

To avoid any health issues, wipe your bathroom sink and bathtub daily and ensure you wash the toilet hole every week. You can also scrub the bathroom tiles weekly, as they can become moldy and slippery over time. We advise using a toothbrush to scrub small sink corners or abrasive scrubbing pads to clean rings on your bathtub and tiles on your shower floors.

Besides scrubbing the sink, floors, tubs, and toilet, removing limescale from your bathroom glass weekly also matters. However, using an old glass cleaner or abrasive scourers can scratch the glass or make it dull.

Bathroom plumbing experts at My Arvada Plumber recommend using a glass cleaner for your bathroom windows and mirrors. Call our professional plumbers today if you need more specialized plumbing help and enjoy quality work.

  1. Inspect your Bathroom plumbing regularly

Every homeowner can spot minor problems in their bathroom and almost every plumbing fixture if they’re keen. That includes small leaks at the bottom of your toilet or sink, cracks on tiles and the water tank, missing grout, or blockage in your bathtub. However, no problem will ever fix itself; you can always for professional bathroom plumbing services.

If there are missing grouts or cracks around your shower and bathtub, water can penetrate through the tiles and damage the wall beneath it. That’s why homeowners need to regularly inspect their bathrooms for leaks or cracks and make the necessary repairs. Try to repair before the problem leads to mold growth, water damage, and costly renovations.

  1. Shut off the water supply while away

When leaving your home, turning off every water faucet in your home is the most crucial precautionary measure to avoid flooding and water damage. Doing that disconnects the plumbing and pipes from the main water line, eliminating the risk of stagnant water in your house even when there’s a leak.

If you have a broken faucet and water floods in your home, call a professional bathroom plumbing service immediately to avoid water damage. The bathroom plumbing professionals at My Arvada Plumbing will always be there to help detect leaks and fix the problem.

Equipment Maintenance & Repair

Cleaning your bathroom wall, sink, bathtub, mirrors, and the floor is a step in the right direction. But that’s not enough. You need to maintain and repair plumbing fixtures, lighting, drains regularly, and toilets for optimal performance. Here’s how to keep your bathroom equipment and repair faulty fixtures for longevity:

  1. Use Gentle Cleaning Products

A gleaming bathroom sink and fixtures make the space inviting and attractive. However, most of these fixtures are made of soft materials like chrome that scratches easily and become dull when washed with abrasive cleaning tools and harsh chemical cleaners.

Only use cleaning cloths and soft sponges when cleaning your bathroom sinks, bathtubs, faucets, and other fixtures. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals (including scouring powder) on materials like chrome and instead opt for safe options readily available in your kitchen.

A mild dish soap, warm water, and a soft sponge will help you clean your tub, sink, faucets, and other surfaces. An old toothbrush with soft bristles is also helpful in cleaning any hard-to-reach crevices on your tub, sink, and tiles.

  1. Maintain the Bathtub and Shower Plumbing Fixtures

Turn your attention to the drain and showerheads after cleaning the tub, sink, drywall, and floor. With continued use, showerheads start to clog and encourage bacteria growth due to the buildup of deposits caused by naturally occurring hard water. The clogging and bacteria buildup affect the water flow and the quality of your bathing water.

Tying your shower head with a ziplock bag with distilled white vinegar for several hours is an effective way to dissolve the deposits before cleaning it with a toothbrush. Ensure you run the shower for a few minutes after washing the gunk to eliminate all the vinegar.

The drain is a vital aspect of shower plumbing maintenance and requires attention. If you notice the water is starting to drain more slowly than usual, chances are there is a clog. If possible, take out the drain stopper or filter and try to remove any blockage you see while wearing gloves.

  1. Bathroom Sink Plumbing Maintenance

Like in the shower, bacteria and mold growth can invade your bathroom sink faucets. Hair, toothpaste, soap, and dirt can also block the sink drains, which might add up your plumbing costs. Additionally, you might need to call My Arvada Plumber for emergency plumbing services if you get leaky faucets and broken sinks.

To avoid these sink plumbing maintenance issues, ensure you regularly inspect pipes for leaks and periodically plan for bathroom renovation. Also, remove the drain stopper when the water flow starts decreasing to remove any blocking materials.

Bathroom Beautification

After cleaning your bathroom and handling all the repairs, you’ll only need to keep your bathroom neat and organized.

  1. Eliminate Counter Clutter

To keep the room looking fresh and inviting, eliminate counter clutter by using baskets to organize your makeup, lotions, soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. You might need two different sizes of trays to store the things your family uses most, but they don’t need to be attractive. However, we recommend colors that match the decor of your room.

For homeowners with several essential items on different baskets, we recommend you install wall cabinets or get creative depending on the dimensions of your bathroom. However, ensure you keep dirty towels and other dingy out of sight, like in a closed basket under your bathroom sink.

You’ll also need to take out the waste regularly. Taking out debris before it starts overflowing makes your bathroom look neat and eliminates odors. Consider lining your trash can with several bags to make the cleanup quick.

Need Help with a Plumbing Fixture During Bathroom Renovation? We can Help

Taking bathroom maintenance seriously can keep your family healthy, reduce long-term renovation costs and save you from embarrassing situations when you have guests. However, we understand you’ll occasionally need professional bathroom plumbing services for installation, renovations, and other emergency bathroom problems. My Arvada Plumber offers expert plumbing services from installation to remodeling and emergency services. Call 303-500-0437 today and let qualified professionals handle the job!

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