When Should We Ask for Professional Help if We have Leaked in Our Lines?



A steam heater leaking excess water on the floor

Some plumbing issues appear simple to address, yet you end up waist-deep in water from who knows where. We all like to do things ourselves, but toilets and sinks have the potential to do substantial damage since leaks in walls can spread or go undiscovered until it’s too late.

A Leaky faucet, significant slab leaks, a leaking pipe, and dripping water lines are just a few of the most common plumbing problems that most homeowners face. If you notice any indicators of leaks, contact a professional plumber or a professional service for assistance in determining which pipe or line is leaking.

When your water bill is escalating, and it is higher than usual, this is one of the signals that it is time to call a professional plumbing contractor or a local water company for leak repairs or leak detection. Broken water pipes could be steadily losing water, causing your monthly rates to rise. As a result, check your water meter regularly to confirm if there might be a water leak in your lines.

At My Arvada Plumber, we have certified home and plumbing experts who can help you when you suspect there might be water leaks at your home.

Here are some signs that there are leaks in your water lines and that you need to contact a professional for plumbing services:

1) When There Is Mold Growth And Mildew In Your Walls

A plumber fixing a dripping faucet

Porous materials such as wood, plaster, and dry walls can absorb small leaks. It’s time to call a professional for assistance when you smell mold or mildew but don’t see any signs of it since they can lurk behind walls and under floors. Mold can also appear on the surface of your walls, indicating that there are leaks. You should immediately contact a specialist to determine the location of the minor leak.

2) When There Is Poor Water Pressure

Leaking water from the ceiling

For routine tasks, good water pressure is essential. When your water pressure is low, it could suggest a more significant issue, such as a water leak or household leaks in one of your pipes. Due to a leaky supply line, low water pressure may necessitate more substantial pipe repairs. When your water doesn’t flow smoothly, it’s necessary to call a plumber to inspect your plumbing system.

Low pressure is frequently associated with cracked or damaged water lines on the wall or foundation of your property, so don’t make that assumption. My Arvada Plumber offers excellent customer service to prevent water damage and identify where the problem lies.

3) When Your Ceilings Or Walls Have Stains

A plumber fixing a leaking sink pipe

You may notice stains or discolorations as water leaks in your ceilings and walls worsen. You’ll want to deal with this as soon as possible because abrupt stains are frequently accompanied by structural/foundational damage. The larger a stain or, the more discolored your walls and ceilings become, the more likely there is leaking water behind them. As a result, if you detect stains on your roof, you should seek professional help to check all the pipes thoroughly.

4) Dripping Faucets

You’re paying for 500 gallons of water and high water bills each year if your shower drips ten times per minute.

A continuous trickle could be caused by a pipe crack or an inadequately installed part. Pressure buildups or other issues could potentially be a factor. As a result, if you find that your faucets are dripping, it is time to seek professional assistance, and the plumber will fix it for you.

5) Sweating Water Heater

A sweating water heater is typically an indication of a slow but steady leak. Check the pilot light or go near the water heaters and see if the ground is slightly damp to sweat.

Cracks in the piping or casing cause water leaks, and they will gradually lead to more significant problems. It’s ideal for capturing these as soon as possible because it facilitates an affordable and limited repair. When there are rusty patches on your steam heater, the surrounding piping, or some corrosion, you should seek professional aid.

6) Toilet Water Running Problems

A broken water pipe

Toilet leaks are among the most common types of water leaks in the United States. However, the most common issue in toilets is a leaking toilet tank. Typically, this occurs when a reservoir develops a problem and can no longer control water inflow.

When you flush the toilet, broken toilet flappers or float in the toilet bowl releases water into the bowl. It’s not difficult to replace these pieces, and you can get one at a local hardware store. However, it requires experience; therefore, call your local plumber in the United States of America if you notice toilet water flowing problems. If you find a faulty water line, you’ll need professional help to fix it.

These faults might cause the toilet reservoir to leak excessively, resulting in higher water usage and the waste of significant amounts of water; therefore, consult a professional if you have such a problem.

Calling My Arvada plumber in the United States right away can help you avoid unnecessary water waste and future sewage problems.

7) Outdoor Leaks

If you have an in-ground irrigation system, be sure it hasn’t been damaged by frost or freezing each spring before turning it on. A leak of 1/32nd of an inch in diameter in an irrigation system can waste around 6,300 gallons of water per month. As a result, if you suspect your irrigation system is leaking, hire a licensed plumber to inspect it for you. My Arvada Plumber provides excellent plumbing services and will discover the most common causes of line leaks and the common symptoms that your water pipes are leaking.

How To Remedy Pipe Leaks

1) Shut Off The Water Supply To Your Home

Determine where your main water supply is located. It is usually found in your underground. To halt the leak and prevent further damage, turn the dial clockwise.

2) Apply A Water Proof Tape

It is a unique compound that can be wrapped around the leaking piece of the pipe. It can be plugged into the hole or utilized with epoxy paste. It’s critical to make sure the line is completely dry before applying the waterproof tape. The tape should begin about three inches ahead of the leak and end about the same distance away.

3) Compound Stick

A compound stick is one of the best alternative cures for tiny, pinhole-like leaks. You have to rub it over the leak to get it to work. You don’t even have to turn off the water to use this. On the other hand, you can only use epoxy-based compound sticks if the pipe segment is treated entirely dry.

4) Turn on the faucets connected to the pipe to drain them

Begin by turning on your home’s lowest faucet, such as an outdoor hose pipe or a basement sink. Allow the water to run until it reaches the end of the line. If the leak is coming from a tube leading to a particular fixture, open that faucet to drain the water.


If you have a plumbing problem that you can’t solve on your own, engage a reputable local plumber. If you live in the United States of America, call My Arvada Plumber for your plumbing requirements.

We provide a complete range of plumbing services that are available 24/7. You’ll be charged fairly for high-quality service, and you’ll always deal with a fun person.

If any of your lines are leaking and require professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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