An emergency plumber is a professional that responds to plumbing emergencies and repairs and maintains water systems past normal business hours.

When Should I Request an emergency plumbing service?

A plumbing emergency can happen suddenly, causing inconvenience and, at times, damage due to spilled water. Such cases of plumbing emergencies require immediate attention. This plumbing issue, if left untreated, can create blockages or cause water damage.

It is important to call an emergency plumber from Arvada Plumbing Company to handle your emergency plumber service. Not all plumbing issues count as plumbing emergencies. Below, we are going to discuss scenarios that can be considered a plumbing emergency:

  • Multiple Drains are Clogged

If you experience multiple clogs, you need to call an emergency plumber. Clogging is a problem for all homeowners, but it should be avoided. Wipes or paper towels that are deposited into the drainage and pipes are likely to cause problems.

It is important to avoid putting solid waste in the kitchen sink. Other factors like tree root growth are a key cause of burst pipes, which causes a clogged drain and further damage as the root grows.

Some of the symptoms of water blockage include swollen drain pipes, water leaks, and puddles. These are a health hazard as they are breeding grounds for bacteria. Call an emergency plumber immediately if you notice a clogged plumbing system.

  • Backed-up Sewer Line

Clogged toilets and sluggish drainage indicate plumbing problems in the main sewer line. In such cases, call a licensed plumber immediately. Failure to do so may have serious consequences. For instance, the main sewer line may back up raw sewage into your residence, leading to a clogged toilet, an overflowing toilet, or compromised plumbing fixtures.

It can also lead to a backed-up sewer system that causes a health hazard as well as a pungent rotten egg smell. A professional plumber from Arvada Plumbing Company is well versed in handling a plumbing emergency of this nature.

  • Broken Water Heater

A hot water supply is essential for residential and commercial customers in Arvada, Colorado. Harsh weather conditions make hot water a necessity. Often, a lack of hot water is a serious emergency.

If you have no hot water during the winter, things can get really bad for you. Showering in cold water may shock the body and cause a severe injury. Hypothermal illness is likely to affect people in homes that lack sufficient heat.

If the heating system is not running or if the heating system has failed, do not hesitate to call. A broken water heater is a common plumbing emergency and can lead to electric short circuits. We can fix your broken water heater system and get it running on short notice.

  • No Water Supply

Having completely no water is a major disaster. You need a consistent, free-flowing water supply to live in your home. If there is no water coming through your plumbing fixtures, that may be a result of frozen pipes, faulty water valves, clogged tap connections, or corrosion inside the water pipes. Request emergency plumbing services to have your pipes thawed and drainage fixed.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a key sign of clogged or damaged pipes. It can also indicate failed pressure regulating valves and clogged aerators. Call a plumber from Arvada Plumbing Company to get urgent, professional water damage repair, replacement, and unclogging services.

  • Frozen Pipes Burst

When thawing frozen pipes, you may unknowingly damage them, creating a leak in the water system. The leak might be difficult to locate if it occurs under the floor or inside the walls. This often leads to crazy water bills and water damage in the house. If you suspect you have a water leak from a burst pipe, contact any of our emergency plumbers and get the necessary emergency plumbing repair.

  • Leaking Water Heater

Water leaks and small water puddles under your water heater tank could be a sign your water heater is failing. You need to act fast and call your local plumber. Professional water heating system repair is another emergency plumbing service we offer at Arvada Plumbing Company.

  • Plumbing Leaks

Water leaks are common in any residence due to faulty taps, damaged pipes, or loose pipe connections. While large leaks may cause extensive water damage and water loss, a small leak in the wrong place can have equally devastating consequences. Once you have a leak, find a way to contain the spill, then contact our emergency plumbers.

  • Clogged In-house Toilet

It can be quite inconvenient if you have just one toilet in the house and it clogs. Ensure you switch off the control valve behind the cistern to shut off the water flow before unclogging. If efforts to unclog it yourself fail, contact an emergency plumber.

  • Failed Sump Pump

A sump pump helps prevent water levels from rising in the house when there is flooding. If your sump pump fails during a storm, contact our emergency plumbing service company to get it fixed before it starts to flood.

  • You suspect natural gas leaks

If there is a rotten egg smell and a hissing sound in your residence, it may indicate a gas leak. The smell comes from the mercaptan substance gas companies use to detect leaks. Vacate the premise and call Arvada Plumbing Company to have your gas leak fixed.

  • Water stains & Sagging Ceiling

Water stains on the ceiling or a saggy ceiling clearly indicate water leaks that need repair. Our emergency plumbers will repair the pipes as well as the ceiling.

Are You in Need of Emergency Plumbing Services in Arvada, Colorado? Welcome to The Arvada Plumbing Company

The Arvada Plumbing Company is the leading plumbing emergency service provider in Arvada, Colorado. If your toilet is clogged and overflowing, the water heater is down, or you have leaky pipes, we will do an exceptional job of making emergency repairs.

Contact us 24 hours a day through our emergency service line at 303-500-0437 for all your plumbing emergencies. Our emergency plumbing experts are always prepared to remedy your plumbing problems. Visit our offices at 12191 W 64th Ave #100 Arvada, CO 80004 to set up a consultation with one of our experts.

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